Data privacy and use of personal data

Data privacy and restrictive use of your personal data are very important for us. This is the reason why we are not using any cloud-based solutions neither for the APCOM website nor for the registration and paper handling software.

All private and personal data entered or uploaded to the APCOM IT systems is only processed with the purpose to enable and assure the performance of the conference. Cookies are only used to assure the functionality of the website. Email addresses are only used for communication in relation to the APCOM conference and for the invitation to future APCOM conferences. There is no tracking of user activity performed by our systems and there are no hidden links to allow third parties to track your activity. We are not responsible in any respect for the content and data privacy rules of web pages you may reach via external links on our pages. Separate and different rules will apply to these sites. External links are only provided for user convenience in planning and participating in the APCOM conference. By using the website and by creating an account you agree to these rules.

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