Mining Goes Digital

Hereby MineTronics, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Geo-Engineering, Mining and Geology and the Mining Committee of Polish Acadamy of Sciences (PAN) are announcing the 39th APCOM (Application Of Computers And Operations Research In The Mineral Industry) conference to be performed on June 04 – 06, 2019 in Wroclaw under the headline: Mining Goes Digital.

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APCOM 2019 at a glance


APCOM 2019 will host up to 120 high quality and peer-reviewed papers by international presenters from science and industry accompanied by a small exhibition. Up to 500 registered participants are expected to come to Wroclaw.


Social Program

Wroclaw and the region of Lower Silesia is an area of over 1000 years of cultural history. The social program includes possibilities to participate in like tours in Wrocław and Kraków, events on evenings (dinner, casual event), a post-conference hiking trip to the Lower Silesia Mountain.

It is highly recommended to bring your partner.


Technical program

Conference and session topics:

  • Digitalization from resource estimation to mining
  • Mining process optimization
  • “Digital” and autonomus machines
  • And much more…



Location and travel to Wroclaw

The Symposium will be held in “Centrum Kongresowe” on the campus of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in Wroclaw, Poland.

Wroclaw as a more than 1000-year-old city itself is worth a longer visit: In the heart of European culture, this city during many centuries has been a bridge between East and West and capital of one of the richest regions in Europe especially in terms of mining and agriculture.

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You are warmly welcomed to…

Exchange your ideas

Sponsor the event

Sponsoring Opportunities

A number of sponsoring opportunities will be available in different packages. The APCOM is the perfect opportunity to reach high-level contacts in the Polish Mining Industry and reach a large number of international industry contacts. Early sponsors helping in pre-financing of the organization will get substantial discount on the package price.

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Gold sponsors

Call for Abstracts

The APCOM focuses on Applications for Computers and Operational Research. All papers to be submitted and presented in English. If you plan a publication of research results or you want to submit a practice-oriented paper in the areas outlined in the technical program please click the button below to get forwarded to the APCOM 2019 conference organization tool.

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Organizing committee

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Who we are?

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About us

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More about the conference

Publication rights and indexed Journals

The abstracts from the APCOM 2019 conference will be available in an abstracts book handed out to the participants together with the conference materials. The full papers will be available on memory media together with the abstracts book.

All papers submitted shall be original and APCOM2019 has the right of FIRST publication. By paper submission the author grants to the organizers the non-exclusive right for initial publication in the conference proceedings,


Conference program (day-to-day)

3.6.2019 Welcoming Reception
Pre-registration and welcoming reception at the IBIS Styles hotel (link, included in registrations)

4.6.2019 Conference Day 1
Partner Program: Historic town walk (link) / Odra River cruise (link, incl. in partner registration)
Conference Dinner (link,


About APCOMs

The abbreviation „APCOM“ means „Applications for Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals Industries“. APCOM is a series of well established high-quality scientific conferences which was started already in the early 1960‘s. The APCOM 2019 in Wroclaw is the 39th APCOM.

The APCOM event series has become a major driver of innovation in the minerals industry,


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