Technical Program

Now, the preliminary technical program of the APCOM 2019 conference in Wroclaw (Poland) has been published and can be accessed here. It is a great compilation of highest quality peer reviewed papers on „digital transformation“ topics from 20 countries covering all aspects of mining from resource estimation to mine operation and safety. An approximately equal mix of academic and industry papers assures a well balanced exchange of information and applicability in practice!

Program brochure
Keynote Speakers

The APCOM covers leading edge papers grouped in the following streams:

  • Geostatistics and Resource estimation

    An entire three day conference stream provides more than 20 leading edge and peer reviewed papers by world class practitioners from leading mining companies and by world leading research institutes!

  • Mine Planning

    About 15 papers on newest IT supported techniques in mine planning, uncertainty reduction, geomechanics, modelling, simulation and most recent software technology.

  • Scheduling and Dispatch

    Around 15 papers address long and short term scheduling optimization, the application of neural networks and genetic algorithms as well as risk mitigation and related software systems. A keynote talk covers the impact of IoT, Big Data and gamification on fleet scheduling topics.

  • Mine Operation in Digital Transformation

    More than 20 papers in this stream cover mining equipment related topics in the area of LHD transport, drilling and longwall operation as well as underground communications and new digital technologies in mine safety as well as product quality optimization.

  • Emerging Technologies and Robotics in mining

    A number of sessions with close to 10 papers cover the use of Unmanned Arial Vehicles in mining, the benefits of upcoming technology in robotics, mechatronics and communications as well as about the changes in machine design through digital transformation. Also a completely new transport system is presented in this stream.

  • Synergies from other Industries

    A plenary speech from an active airline captain talks about the impact of human-machine interfaces on decision making of automated equipment and in control centers. Other papers are on the transferability of Building Information Modelling (BIM) from commercial construction to mining.

The conference takes place at the modern convention center of the Wroclaw University of Technology and is accompanied by an exhibition. An interesting social program, a conference dinner with world class entertainment and partner activities are available as well as interesting field trips on June 07th.

More information is available at as well as by contacting the organizers at .