Conference Details

Technical program

  • Big Data and IT from Resource to Mine

    This track includes all aspects of IT from resource estimation until mine opening like:

    • New trends in Geostatistics
    • Resource estimation
    • Mine Evaluation and Finance
    • Geo spatial data formats, analysis and applications
  • Data Analysis and Algorithmic in Mining

    This track covers sessions about Data Analysis and Algorithmic in the mining and minerals industries. This covers topics like e.g.:

    • “Big Data” methods and applications in the mining industry
    • Simulation from resource estimation to mining and processing
    • Scheduling of mine operations
    • Optimization algorithms in mine operation
  • Mining Methods in Digital Transformation

    Sessions covered by this track are about new mining methods enabled by Digital Transformation:

    • Mining Methods enabled by full automation and autonomous operation as the method e.g. does not allow people to be present in the areas
    • Impact of automation and autonomous operation on mine planning and design
    • IT enabled cost efficient and low ecologic impact development, operation and closure of small, smart mines
  • Digital Transformation in Mine Operation

    This track covers sessions about scientific results and practical applications of digital transformation in mine operations like e.g.:

    • Mine Process Optimization
    • IT and real time data based equipment maintenance
    • New digital trends in mine safety
    • Advanced communication technologies
    • Application of Robotics and autonomous / automated equipment
  • Enabling Technologies for “Digital Mining”

    Sessions in this technology related track discuss the research and application of emerging and enabling technologies for “Digital Mining” like e.g.:

    • Fully electric mobile equipment
    • Interoperability of IT systems and machinery
    • Standardization of information exchange
    • Use of Drones and UAV‘s in open pit and underground mining
    • Internet-of-things, M2M applications, collaborative machines
  • Synergies from other Industries

    Sessions in this track are intended to “look over the fence” of mining operations and to trigger discussions about the application of methods used in other industries which potentially could be of advantage for the mining industry like e.g.:

    • Building Information Modelling: Digital methods from the construction
      industry: Usable for mining?
    • Trends in commercial tunnel construction and their impact on mining
    • Robotics and potential applications in mining
    • The human factor in operation of highly automated equipment
    • Industry specific aspects of IT and network security

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