Additional sponsoring

A single item sponsoring options are as follows:

  • Technical Session sponsoring with recognition on the intro and break screens as well as recognition during moderation and possibility to set up rollups in the conference room
  • Special advertisment on info screens (one screen on rolling slides)
  • Marketing material in conference bags (material to be provided separately)
  • Advertisment in conference program (full page)
  • Free WiFi sponsoring for all participants: The name of the network (SSID) and the password as choosen by the sponsor
  • Rollup in Entrance hall
  • Student participation sponsoring for 5 Students with possibility of personal meetings and student selection.
  • Scientist participation sponsoring for one scientist from underprivileged countries like e.g. the Ukraine.
  • Exhibition area with 230V power for use of own exhibition equipment. (more details here)