Platinum Sponsorship package- S01

Platinum Sponsorship package- S01

The Platinum Sponsor is the main sponsor of the conference with the highest possible recognition before, during and after the conference.

The description of the sponsoring package as below may be altered upon request by the sponsor, so if you are interested please feel free to contact us.

The Platinum package includes:

Prior to the conference

  • Highest possible recognition on the APCOM2019 web site
  • Predominant logo on all APCOM 2019 newsletters, brochures and related marketing communication

At the conference

  • Predominant placement of sponsor logo on the info screens, conference bags and in the conference rooms
  • Special recognition of the Platinum sponsor in the opening plenary session
  • Special recognition of the Platinum sponsor in the closing plenary session
  • Official conference dinner sponsor:
    • Short dinner speech
    • Logo and sponsorship recognition on menu cards and tickets
    • Possibility to place logo flags on the dinner tables (flags to be provided separately)
    • Logo on the entertainment background stage screen (subject to technical possibilities on the venue to be chosen)
    • Possibility to place banners in the dinner hall
    • 8 Dinner tickets included
  • Logo on notepads in conference bags
  • Full page advertisement in the conference program
  • Lunch buffet sponsoring on Day 1 with recognition on the buffets and tables
  • Exhibition area
  • Rollups (to be provided by sponsor) in all conference halls
  • Rollups (to be provided by sponsor) in the entrance hall
  • Predominant logos on slides between papers and during breaks
  • Conference registration for four participants

Post-conference recognition

  • Recognition in the post-conference email correspondence
  • Logos and special recognition of the contribution on the APCOM 2019 web site