Travel to Wroclaw

Wroclaw as a more than 1000-year-old city itself is worth a longer visit: In the heart of European culture, this city during many centuries has been a bridge between East and West and capital of one of the richest regions in Europe especially in terms of mining and agriculture. Also, Wroclaw and the Region of Lower and Upper Silesia since the beginning of Industrialization always have been in the forefront of innovation.

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Conference Venue

The conference takes place in the modern convention center of the Wroclaw University of Technology:

Conference Hotels

Conference Hotels

Site is under preparation

Special arrangements have been made with the following hotels. All participants have to make their individual hotel reservations.

HotelSingle Room PLNDouble Room PLNIBIS Styles 270 PLN 305 PLNQ-Hotel – 350 PLN

Please note that the agreed price only is available when making the reservation directly at the hotel!

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